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Share cases/images/protocols/SOPs:

If you share our passion for ultrasound don’t hesitate to share your cases, images, protocols and standard operating procedures with us. We will upload them on our website for use by healthcare providers and researchers around the globe. Hopefully, ultrasound knowledge will spread rapidly among health care providers, thereby improving patient care.

Submission Guidelines for cases/images:

In short, provide us with:

  1. A succinct and anonymous case description
  2. Description of the image and/or clip using ultrasound vocabulary (ie B-lines, A-profile, hyperechoic, anechoic, etc).
  3. A teaching point. You can think of: the characteristics of POCUS for a given diagnosis, how it can change management and it's clinical utility. Include a reference when applicable. 
  4. If you would like it displayed, include your name and affiliation

Try to be to the point: <500-600 characters

Submission Guidelines for protocols and SOPs:

Please create a title:

  1. Description of how and when to use the protocol (e.g. for clinical practice or research)
  2. Description of the population for which the protocol is designed
  3. Include your name and affiliation as you would like it displayed. 


Pieter Roel Tuinman, MD, PhD, intensivist-epidemiologist

David van Westerloo, MD, PhD, intensivist


Carlos Elzo Kraemer, MD, intensivist

Jorge Lopez Matta, MD, intensivist

Paul Wijnandts, MD, intensivist

Jasper Smit, MD, PhD student

Mark Haaksma, MD, PhD student

Micah Heldeweg, MD, PhD student

Annemijn Jonkman, technical physician, PhD student

Heder de Vries, MD, PhD student


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